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Today’s random thought

IMG_20130822_241458_969    I race RC cars, used to race a lot more than do now (and I used to be quite competitive if I do say). I find it so fun because you can make it as fun or serious as you want. There are guys (it is quite a sausage fest) who are so serious they spend hundreds on their cars and equipment, know every adjustment that can be made, and pour over set-up sheets and suspension theory for hours. They are good to race with because they are a wealth of information. For instance:

Me: Hey Will, my car doesn’t seem to turn so well in the corners.

Will: What you want to do is put stiffer springs on the front end, add a little negative camber, loosen the diff, [etc..]

Me: [blank stare]

9 times out 10 he or someone else will give me a hand in setting up my car.track2


Then there are the ones who are there or the sheer joy of playing with toy cars. What adult hasn’t secretly wished they could still enjoy the playthings of their childhood? These guys can be spotted by their beat-up cars and trucks, three different tires, and the big dopey grin on their faces. I love racing with these dudes too because they make it fun. There have been races when I laughed so hard I couldn’t stand up.


I fall somewhere in the middle. I’ve spent way too much on the hobby (I am single after all ;) ) but I don’t hold any illusions of podium finishes with the fast guys. My work schedule and being a volunteer fire fighter limits my time for practice and general wheel time. The cool thing is the fact is that no matter where one finishes in the main race we are all still friends in the pits. The pro sponsored guys hanging out with the old man with the beat-up buggy, having some pizza together laughing about that spectacular crash on lap 8. It really is a unique experience. Could you imagine if some out-of-shape middle aged man wandered out to play second base for the Yankees? Or if dad took out the corolla to a NASCAR race?

We have a young racer battling cancer right now and the track is holding a special race this Friday with all proceeds going to this racer’s family. The owner of the track is donating car kits for a raffle. Even many of the regulars are donating their own parts, kits, tools, etc. for the cause.


It’s nice to know there are still good people in the world. Too often we forget (myself included) to notice the amazing acts of kindness and goodwill still go on.


I’m horrible at it. I can make them easily enough but it seems when I get close to someone I pull away. Why do that? I have no idea. It may be because I have trouble with feeling like I belong. I always feel like the odd man out. The folks my age mostly have new families and talk about ba-bas, binkys, poo-poos, and pee-pees. Perfectly understandable but I have nothing to add to the conversation (not only that but my own lack of wife and children is a sore spot with me). My younger friends go on about the chick they hooked up with last night and the 27 beers they had in the bar (I quit drinking a few years ago but I’ll save that for another post). My older friends talk about lawns, the doctor, and all these damn kids. They are all great people and I love them all but I can’t help but feel left out of most conversations.

How do I break out of this shell I made for myself….