Alcoholism and yet more firefighter nonsense

Recently one of my FF brethren was suspended…again…for behavior unbecoming. Seems he started in with our officers and a chief. He has been in trouble numerous times in the 4 years I’ve been in the department and it always stems from him being drunk. This kid is ~24 years old and has a vicious drinking problem. When he is sober, great guy. Helpful, pleasant and such…but as soon as he get a beer in his hand, he turns into one of the biggest douchebags ever. Frustrates the hell out of me because he could be a great asset to the company but in his current state, he is a liability. He doesn’t feel he needs any help but he does…desperately. I approached him about it one day and was blown off. I hope he gets his act together.


So we have 3 new probies in our company. Seem to be a good group of kids. One is the son of a member and has been around the dept. most of his life. The other two are off the street (both were in 3 years ago, one went to school and one found vagina) and seem to be scared to death. They get so worried that they will do something wrong and get yelled at. Both of them need to understand that when the captain starts foaming at the mouth it’s just the way¬†he is. Nothing personal. Truthfully it’s pretty comical on the fire scene, cap starts yelling about something, he has that crazed look like Willy Wonka at the end of the movie (the original)…”Get off the truck!!!” as we are getting off the truck. He turns into himself after all is said and done but it makes the new guys nervous. The last thing we need is nervous at a working fire, being timid and hesitant can get someone hurt. I think they will come around, might be a long process but if they want it bad enough it will happen.

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